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Omega Castings Has the Depth of Experience in Alloy Castings You Need

After running several companies, Robert Cutshall founded Omega Castings, Inc. in 1975. It was during a gas shortage and Battle Creek, Michigan was picked as a location due to its natural gas reserves. Locating in Battle Creek assured that there would be fuel to run the pre-heaters for years to come. The building selected was a 1930's era decommissioned military swimming pool, whose tiled walls and filled-in pool lent itself perfectly to the hot-works of a foundry. Today, the pool depth-marks on the walls are still visible.

Omega's founding mission was to produce alloy castings and assemblies with superior metallurgical and dimensional integrity and to deliver those castings and assemblies in a timely manner to our customers.

Over the years, Omega has added a metallurgical laboratory – as well as an in-house machine shop for link and drive drum finishing. In 2006, a heat-treating furnace was added to re-oxidize link castings to improve corrosion resistance. Omega is near its 40th year of operation and continues to pursue its mission of providing customers with the best castings and assemblies to be found in the industry.

Better Value - Faster Turnaround - Top Quality Production

Omega Castings, Inc. not only understands alloy founding, we also understand the problems our customers face. For this reason, Omega produces cast link belts differently from our competition. First, we use resin bonded shell molding to produce the most consistent castings, both dimensionally and metallurgically. Second, we machine our center links to remove the draft produced by the casting process. The draft must be removed or the belt could develop tracking problems as well as pin crank shafting. Third, Omega applies an anti seize coating to either the bearing surface or pin of every belt we produce. This coating acts as a contamination barrier to prevent spot welding during the initial run in of the belt. Fourth, we re-oxidize our center links in order to give them greater resistance carburization. All this is done to increase the life and value of the product we sell.

Yet, our competitors could do these things if asked. So what is Omega's true competitive edge? We hear it from our customers nearly every time we visit. Omega's integrity, service, knowledge, and quality are unmatched in the industry.

Our Management Team

Robert Cutshall

Brett Cutshall
Vice President

Contact Us today with your heat resistant, high temperature, cast alloy furnace part needs. We have the staff to help you select the correct standard parts, or to engineer and then fully cast the high quality alloy parts for your specific application.

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