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Forty years ago, Omega Casting's founding mission was to produce alloy castings and assemblies with superior metallurgical and dimensional integrity and to deliver those castings and assemblies in a timely manner to our customers at a competitive cost. Today our product line is second to none in quality and we continue to take personal pride in each and every casting produced. It is our hope that you will choose us the next time you need a heat resistant stainless steel casting.

Our product line includes:

Cast Link Belts
Omega Castings has, and continues to, designed special purpose links for cast-link belt furnaces. The size and pitch of these links vary with the expected end-use. Thus, two-inch, three-inch, four-inch, six-inch and, soon, five-inch pitch links are part of the standard selection available. (read more)
Drive Drums
The ability of a cast-link belt to move uniformly and accurately through the furnace hearth is, in great measure, dependent on the quality of the drive drum. The engagement of the drive drum teeth against the belt links must be equal across the width of the belt to assure uniform stress per link and provide proper tracking of the belt. (read more)
Hearth Rolls
Omega Castings is the premier producer of alloy hearth rolls for the heat treat industry. We have achieved this level of quality by producing a hearth roll that provides the greatest value for the customer. We do this by manufacturing rolls in either a plug or tapered style with one-piece cast trunnions in the alloy most suited to the customer's application. (read more)
Idler Drums
The vast majority of idler drums used in cast link belt furnaces today are eleven inches in diameter and are smooth on the contact surface. Because their main function is to support the cast link belt on the charge end of the furnace and provide "take-up" pressure to the belt, the smooth surface is desired. (read more)

Return Rolls
Return rolls are similar to hearth rolls in that tube dimensions and trunnion selection are the same. However, return rolls have an added supporting tube that contacts the belt. (read more)
Omega Castings only uses the highest quality alloy pins for assembling our belts. As new alloys become available, we are constantly evaluating them to determine if they are upgrades to our current product line. When we establish an alloy is a better value, we immediately start recommending it to our customers so they can take advantage of it as soon as possible. (read more)
Custom Castings
Sometimes there just isn't an off-the-shelf solution, or the supplier you used to count on is no longer available. If you need a custom casting or assembly for your high temperature application, Omega can help. (read more)

Spare Parts
Omega stocks side links, center links, pins, washers and sleeves, among other parts in order to keep our belts up and running. If you need anything, give us a call.

If you need more than we have on hand, we can quickly pour the remaining quantity needed to have you back in operation right away. (read more)

Contact Us today with your heat resistant, high temperature, cast alloy furnace part needs. We have the staff to help you select the correct standard parts, or to engineer and then fully cast the high quality alloy parts for your specific application.

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