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Engineering Services

Broken Trunnion
In the ever-more-competitive global marketplace having a furnace operating at top efficiency is not only important, it is essential. For this reason Omega has developed and pioneered the synchronized drive technology that allows for more furnace load capacity while at the same time increases the life of the belt used. We are more than happy to diagnose our customers' furnaces to see if synchronized technology is right for them. If so, we will do all the calculations free of charge.

Laboratory Services

Furnaces break down for many reasons. Sometimes these reasons are not obvious so Omega Castings maintains a failure analysis laboratory to determine root causes of furnace belt and drive mechanism failures. This service is also provided free of charge to our customers.

Repair Services

Reprofiled Drive Drum

Also offered by Omega is the ability to repair (when possible) existing equipment and return it to the customer quickly so they are up and running with minimal downtime. Common repairs made are replacing pins in belts and trunnions in broken roller assemblies. This service can be a very cost effective option when the rest of the belt or roller assembly has a fair amount of life remaining.

Contact us with your specific needs and we will give you a free consultation as well as provide the best service in the industry.


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