Alloy Pins for Belt Assembly

Omega Castings only uses the highest quality alloy pins for assembling our belts. As new alloys become available, we are constantly evaluating them to determine if they are upgrades to our current product line. When we establish an alloy is a better value, we immediately start recommending it to our customers so they can take advantage of it as soon as possible.

Many times the pins will wear faster than the belt, and although the pins are spent, the belt links still have considerable life. In these cases, we sell replacement pins. Omega is one of North America's largest suppliers of replacement pins for cast-link belts. We can replace pins in house or have them shipped directly to you
Contact Us today with your heat resistant, high temperature, cast alloy furnace part needs. We have the staff to help you select the correct standard parts, or to engineer and then fully cast the high quality alloy parts for your specific application.

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